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UTS’s Emeritus Professor

An educational qualification is one of the most valuable investments you can make in life. Although it is a relatively small commitment of time in your life span, it provides you with the knowledge and discipline to cope with a career in business or a technical profession.

As a professor I have seen many students at the start of their studies and again at graduation and I have always been amazed to see the transformation that occurs over this time. Students enter college life with a combination of optimism and fear of the unknown. When I have seen the students again at graduation, they have a new confidence gained from hard work and practical experience. Maturity, independence, discipline and knowledge are the greatest reward you can get from an educational qualification.

Whether business or commerce, technology or community service is your interest, University Preparation College is the right vehicle to take you there.




In the late 1960’s, in searching for a better education opportunity, I arrived in Australia, a nation which has luckily inherited a high quality education foundation. The system serves the Australians effectively and provides studying opportunities for millions of international students.

And fifteen years ago, a group of successful academics and businessmen conceived the idea of paying back part of their social debts to the society, UPC was established. During this period, I saw thousands of successful cases where students with different ethnical and social backgrounds, broke their language and age barriers, completed their first Australian qualification, and confidently and successfully either joined the workforce or continued their journey at higher education institutions.

It is no matter where you come from, what background you have and how old you are, let’s join us and UPC will help you to fulfil your dream.

ken yu

Dr KEN YU (MSc, MEd, PhD)


It is my pleasure to tell you briefly about UPC, and why it is such a great college for you to consider, when you are deciding your future educational needs.

Whether you are interested in doing a course which leads directly to employment, or you are planning to continue your pursuit to higher education, UPC has the right program for you. Graduates from UPC are highly sought after, not only because employers or universities know that they are well-trained and have suitable skills - but also, because UPC has addressed the communication skills and attributes that are required in workplaces or in university courses.

And it is not only the high standard of teaching that is important for your study but also the supportive environment including accommodation, job search assistance (for overseas students) during your studying period and course-related work or the right higher education pathway after graduation. Our staff and teachers go the extra mile to help you dealing with these demands.

I believe that you decide to study with us at UPC is the right decision and I can confidently say that your time spend with us will turn out to be some of the most rewarding and happiest moments in your life.

Our History

UPC history goes back to early 2002 when a private college was established to provide coaching to Australian students.

By early 2004, a group of academics from the University of New South Wales, University of Sydney & University of Technology, Sydney conceived the idea of a high quality private education institute: UPC College was established. Founders of the College include Professors Brian Low, Tam Tran, Dr Thuy Mai-Viet, Mr Robert West, Mr Dang Le, Mr Hiep Phan and Mr Phuc Duong.


  • A chance to network with students from around the world.
  • Local students mix with international students. We run many courses for local students.
  • A pleasant and supportive environment which will enable you to obtain qualifications in minimum time.
  • Students of Childcare courses are eligible for Graduate Work Experience and Occupational Training Program (condition apply)
  • Accounting, Business, Management and Marketing graduates are eligible for Post-graduate Work Experience after completing their university studies
  • Our teachers and trainers are qualified and undergo regular updating of skills to keep up with new ideas and techniques.
  • Our campuses are well equipped with lecture rooms, modern computer labs, common student areas, well-equipped kitchens and private space to meet with your teachers and management.
  • The Childcare Faculty has playgroup facilities where students can interact with children and gain experience
  • Excursion trips are organised regularly.

University Preparation College

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